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Top 5 Best Prank Call Apps

As technology is everywhere, there are also applications to play free phone pranks, in this article, we are going to show you the best of them. With these phone prank apps the laughter with your friends will never end.

Best Prank Call Apps

1) Prank Call Panda

This real-time prank calling app is excellent for fooling friends and family. Prank Call Panda has a soundboard with scenarios recorded by a group of highly-rated US and UK comedians.

A typical prank calling app will not allow you to do this, as you can only listen. With Prank Call Panda you have complete control during the conversation, making it more exciting and on edge and allowing for more creativity. 

The prank call allows for more originality and most of the fun comes not only their reactions but also your involvement with what sounds to respond with. Users can record the Phone calls and listen and relive the fun over and over again. 

2) Mr Caller Free

Are you stuck in an awkward situation and want a way out? This prank app allows you to get away from almost any scenario with a valid reason. Whether it’s a terrible date, awkward school reunion or workplace (do so at your own risk), Mr Caller Free has you covered!

This prank call app allows you to schedule a fake call and SMS to yourself or even multiple, at the time of your choosing. 


  • Organize a Fake call or a fake message at a specific time to contact you.
  • Schedule multiple at a time.
  • Select which bogus caller and SMS sender you want from your contacts list.
  • Choose your favourite ringtone for the fake call, can also be used as an alarm

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3) Prank Caller- Prank Call Ap

This is one of the most popular prank call apps on the market offering a large variety of prank scripts to select from when prank calling. Prank scripts are realistic no doubt tricking your friends into believing it’s a real person on the line.

A script example you can use like ‘You Got The Drugs?’ is a prank where a drug dealer tells the other person on the line he’s on the way to deliver the drugs.

How about something a bit more creepy? Send ‘Secret Crush’ to your actual crush and listen to their reaction. This app also accepts requests from users, so if you have someone special in mind, be sure to send an email with your prank request details.

To make a prank call:

  • Choose a prank from the scripts available
  • Dial the contact’s number
  • Call then listen to their reaction in real-time
  • Users can record the calls and share with their friends and family. 

4) Scare Your Friends- JOKE!

This app does exactly what it says on the title, scare the living daylights out of your friends! Scare Your Friends- JOKE! is an efficient, easy to use app which can be used on anyone at any time.

This prank app is different as no direct phone calls are being made. Instead, you must give your phone to someone at a set time, and then wait for the prank to take place.

Below are the steps to scare your next victim:

  • Choose a scary picture from the selection available in the gallery.
  • Select the sound you want to go with it.
  • Schedule the exact time and give the phone to your friend
  • Enjoy the reaction

Once you have given the phone wait for the picture and sound to appear, be sure to increase the volume to maximum. This will probably cause a scare jump or two so be careful about who you give the phone too.

5) Ownage Pranks

Prank call your mates now with the Ownage Pranks app. Predominantly known for its hilarious youtube channel with over 5 million subscribers it also has one of the best prank call apps in the market today. 

Choose from a large selection of pre-recordings which are primarily voiced by the originator of the show. Recurring characters are also featured from different shows like Tyrone Biggums, John Mcain and Abdo Kaboobie. 

The genius is in its content. This app, without a doubt, has the best prank scripts when compared with other prank call apps. 

It’s also simple to use; the following steps are:

  • Choose a pre-recording from the vast number available
  • Select a contact from your contacts list
  • Call then listen live

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