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5 Ways Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Facilities Management Software

Nonprofit Organizations

It is not easy to run a nonprofit organization. A nonprofit must provide services to the public, whether it is through the sale of commodities, rendering services, or a mix of the two. They must also make their financial and operational information available to the public so that contributors may see how well they spent their money. 

A nonprofit organization administrator would also have to regularly deal with staff members bringing up broken equipment, equipment rentals, transportation concerns, defective electrical and water supply, and other challenges.

To deal with all these myriad tasks, administrators need tools to help them get the job done efficiently. Facilities management technologies ensure operations are safe and sustainable. In addition, it should also help provide a safe, welcoming, and efficient workplace for its personnel. 

Good facilities management software will improve the short-term and long-term value of your company’s equipment, buildings, and properties, resulting in a higher bottom line. A facilities management software can manage multiple aspects of your nonprofit, including:

1. Manage Your Janitors and Maintenance Staff

The importance of cleanliness is critical in the workplace. Studies have revealed that cleanliness relates significantly to the higher productivity of employees working in nonprofit organizations.

Moreover, janitors and maintenance staff are essential to keeping your nonprofit organization clean and safe for visitors. They keep a healthy atmosphere by preventing viruses from spreading, increasing indoor air quality, and maintaining an appealing aesthetic. 

Your facilities management software can help manage a variety of preventative maintenance chores. It can assist you in determining and establishing recurrent duties for your nonprofit organization’s upkeep and maintenance, such as spills, broken chairs and desks, leaks, and so on.

2. Handle IT Tickets

Nonprofit organizations rely more and more on technology these days. As a result, managing and keeping track of computers, tablets, and other devices requests are more critical than ever. However, because the nonprofit sector operates on a shoestring budget, the expense of modern technology can be prohibitive. 

Therefore, efficient use of technology is essential to foster creativity, increased efficacy, and improved mission performance, which more than justifies the expense and challenges of organizational change.

Facilities management software makes this a lot easier on your nonprofit organization. You can also separate non-tech-related requests from those about IT issues.

Ticketing helps your nonprofit organizations keep track of what still needs to be worked on and what doesn’t, making your staff’s lives easier. It can also reduce the downtime of IT equipment which can translate to increased productivity. 

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3. Schedule Your Staff to Avoid Conflicts

Nonprofits operate on a tight budget, so hiring additional people and paying them higher salaries is usually not possible. In addition, if you are a large nonprofit organization with many rooms, departments, and staff members, managing schedules can become challenging. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than double-booking appointments, schedules, and job requests. This creates confusion and frustration for your staff and visitors.

Facilities management software can alleviate these issues by helping you sort people right the first time. Then, you can schedule your team to a suitable time and keep track of all their activities using facilities management software.  

4. Rent Out Your Facility 

Nonprofit organizations cannot make a profit. But they can rent out real estate, such as physical buildings and structures. In addition, various groups may want to use your facilities on weekends to host community activities such as girl scouts, birthday parties, meetings of community activist groups, and conferences.

The nonprofit organization can collect rental income and use that money to run the organization. 

Use facilities management software to rent out your space to interested parties without scheduling conflicts. The software even comes with the ability to ensure monetary collection proper monetary collection.

5. Schedule Transportation

It is essential to control and coordinate the organization’s mobility. Your nonprofit organization will have to plan trips and meetings that require transportation, which can be challenging to plan and execute due to limited vehicles. 

Facilities management software takes the guesswork out of the process by allowing you to schedule and reserve both drivers and vehicles for each trip.

At the same time, cars could be inspected, and maintenance could be designed to keep them in good working order. This is just one example of nonprofit organizations using facilities management software

Facilities Management Software is a Big Help

Nonprofit organizations require a streamlined mechanism for coordinating their work. They must make every dollar count, especially because funding is mainly reliant on the kindness of others.

The most effective approach to do this is to run the organization more efficiently. It’s for this reason that nonprofit facilities management software is such a valuable investment.

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