5 Ways to Stay at the Top of Your Competition on Instagram

Instagram has been growing its features always. Likewise, it also keeps modifying its algorithm. Even if you have a million followers you will try to increase them by putting all your efforts into planning and creating good content. 

This is probably never the case where someone wanted to earn a certain number of followers and stopped making any efforts to increase the number after the accomplishment of that goal. 

Even if someone does that, they will have to at least make efforts to keep those earned followers engaged and interested always so that they do not unfollow you. 

Also, if we look at the Instagram algorithm, it promotes content that has a high user engagement. 

To maintain this here are a few quick ways to stay at the top of your competition on Instagram. 

1. Create a Marketing Strategy

You must always create a marketing strategy beforehand to keep your followers engaged. 

Also, understand how you will be keeping up with the advertising and promotion part to keep increasing your reach especially if you own a business or a brand and trying to market for that. 

You must plan how you would be promoting your content on the platform to increase reach as well as gain followers

An excellent option is to engage on the platform with posts and content of other users a few hours before posting your content. This way these users will turn back to like and share your content to do the same for you. 

This helps to assure that you will receive a lot of engagement after you post the content. Apart from those people who usually like your content, the users who you interact with will engage with your content just to reciprocate even if they did not like it. 

2. Add Value to Your Content

Individuals usually do not appreciate anything you got to offer until you create something in return for their engagement, except for if you’re a famous figure. 

Do not just post content for the sole purpose of achieving a target. That can only be done if you add value to your content. It’s completely normal on Instagram to click a selfie of yourself and post it. However, doing it every single day won’t help you increase your reach.

Try creating content that provides value to your audience. Share some tricks or informational content. Help your audience to know things better. This way your target audience will be more interested while you will also be able to keep your existing followers engaged. 

The more resourceful content you share on Instagram, the more engagement you would receive and this will show you a constant increase in your followers day by day. 

Most people want to gain knowledge but do not search or read about it, these people immediately follow the account sharing informational content since it easily helps them to increase their knowledge without having to put much effort. 

3. Know Your Target Market

Before you start posting, know the audience you are targeting. There are two things you need to keep in mind before posting anything on social media. 

One is the niche you have chosen, do not post irrelevant content that does not majorly relate to your niche or category of the profile. 

The other one is the target audience you have chosen. Know what these users like to see,  what type of content do they very much interact with, and what sort of topics interest them. 

Understanding your target market is very important, especially if you create content in a particular niche since the target market here is very specific. 

For instance, if you run a dog account, your target audience could be only the people who have dogs or the people who like dogs. 

4. Interact with your audience

You must always keep up with your audience. Make your followers always feel that you are forever grateful to them and know their worth. 

You can use Instagram features like the live stream to engage and interact directly with your followers and even build an approach to gain new ones. 

Acknowledge if any of your followers have messaged you or put up a story for you. If they like you for what you are doing and what you are, you must show them gratitude and reply with the same kind of connection and belongingness. 

If you can make them feel that you care for them, your followers can even help you reach more audiences with their word of mouth. You can also get a free trial on Megafamous to increase your followers.

5. Be Real

Always be real and authentic while you share anything from your life. Do not try to show off, instead of impressing them you can disappoint your potential as well as existing followers. 

If you tend to share more updates about your lifestyle, and personal life it is better to keep it real and authentic as much as possible. 

Individuals appreciate creators that they feel connected with. If you share things as they actually are, it may help you even more to increase your reach and a community of dedicated followers

There is a difference between your followers and the followers who engage with you and your content. And to connect with more of the second type, you need to pay attention to these little aspects. 

If your followers feel that you are down to earth and very casual to them, they would have a sense of belongingness which helps you grow even more since these individuals help you throughout your journey to make you achieve your goals. 


These are a few ways that can help you stay on top of your competition on Instagram. However, seeing fellow creators as competition does not always work. You can even try interacting with them.

You can collaborate with them for both your mutual gains where both of you do not have to dig a hole in your pocket as well as both of you would increase your chances to grow on Instagram. 

There are other practices that you can follow according to what you learn about the functioning of the platform to keep growing. 

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