Artificial Intelligence

The Impact of AI on the Gambling Industry

When artificial intelligence (AI) entered the gambling industry, it was mainly used to optimize casino games and make them more attractive to players.

It has found use in industries such as online slots and casino table games. There is also some evidence that AI accepts sports betting in real-time.

An increasing number of casinos such as Zodiac casino are using artificial intelligence. These advanced technologies work with players to provide a personalized gaming experience, such as detecting when players need a break to create a more realistic and interactive gaming experience. In this review, we will tell you how AI affects games in modern playgrounds.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Online Slots?

In some cases, the AI ​​can be a simple one-click button that players press when they want to play. The AI ​​may be responsible for making this decision in real-time. Some examples of this include:

  • Automatic selection of game modes and options for playing (for example, single-player or multiplayer, blackjack or poker, and video poker);
  • Automated gameplay with a specific dealer (e.g. European or American);
  • Automatic play of a specific version of the game (for example, a specific version of the game with certain bonuses or features);
  • Automatic play with a specific option or feature such as a “free spins bonus”.

These decisions can be made in real-time, in some cases with a single click. The AI ​​can also make intelligent decisions about the type of games offered as well as the number of games based on player behavior.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Table Games?

The adoption of AI in the gaming industry has also led to the growth of the online casino table game category. AI ​in table games automatically adjusts the game balance, offers the player basic rules and warnings, and alerts the dealer when certain combinations and betting patterns occur.

In fact, AI ​​uses algorithms to determine how the game might end. In addition, AI in table casino games helps in the following ways:

  • Provides a variety of games including blackjack, multi-handed blackjack, poker, roulette, etc.;
  • Enforces rules for players (e.g. stakes, number of decks, etc.);
  • Alerts when a hand is about to end to avoid surprises;
  • Provides various dealer options (European, American, French, etc.);
  • Helps with bets and payouts;
  • Allows players to make decisions for them (optional);
  • Offers the player information about the current game (eg what game mode you are in, which dealer options you are in, which dealers are online, etc.).

Summing up

AI has already had a profound impact on the online casino industry. Thanks to AI, casino games can have a number of more complex features, such as a progressive jackpot or wild symbol, that would be extremely difficult or impossible for a human player to predict.

Players use various forms of artificial intelligence to learn how to win these games. In many cases, AI is being used to automate key decisions, such as identifying patterns in games, that can be used to maximize winnings.

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