6 Tips for Becoming a Popular Travel Blogger

For many, earning money as a travel blogger is a dream they can only imagine. If you have the passion and the nerve to give it your all, then you must be prepared to put in plenty of work before you start earning enough money to live on.

Whether you are a beginner or you’re struggling to find an audience, here are six tips for becoming a popular travel blogger.

1. Know Your Audience

The first step is to know who you are writing for. In this case, you’ll be aiming at other travelers, so write about the things they want to read.

Understand what sorts of questions they may have and what else they might be reading. It’s a sensible idea to read plenty of other travel blogs to understand what your audience expects when clicking on your website.

2. Find a Unique Voice 

The truth is, there are already thousands of well-written travel blogs out there, and you have to compete with them. These days, it’s not enough to travel to the major cities and write about how beautiful you are – you must find a unique voice!

Whether you decide to focus on food, historic buildings, or the people you meet, you should try to find an individual spin to make your blog stand out among the crowd.

3. Be Organized While Travelling 

If you’re not organized with your travel plans, then your blog will suffer. Get used to airport times, booking accommodation, and finding the best deals in advance.

If you decide to soak up the beauty of New Jersey, for example, then look at Newark airport parking rates to book in advance and save yourself some money.

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4. Make the Content Useful 

You need to give your readers a reason to click on your posts, so make sure the content is useful to them. While you might just want to share the wonders of your adventures, you should also give them handy tips for them to take on their travels.

5. Use Social Media

Social media will prove a great tool while you are building your audience. Use it to share your posts, pictures, and where you plan on heading next. You should also connect with other creators to build your circle and boost each other up. Research the best ways to build up your social media presence so you can drive more people to your website.

6. Get Handy with a Camera

Your words will keep your readers coming back, but your pictures will draw them in, so you must take great ones! Learn the basics about photography and use them well.

Try to find unique areas to take photographs of, too, as there are already plenty of pictures of the Eiffel Tower! Sometimes, the best pictures come from forgotten little back-street cafes with strangers sharing a good time.

Starting a travel blog isn’t the difficult part – creating content that people click on is. By following these tips, you’ll find more people clicking on your page in no time at all.

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