Top 7 Ways to Make Your HR Department Go Digital

Make Your HR Department Go Digital

Today, in this fiercely competitive world of hiring new candidates, electronic signatures are giving savvy HR teams an edge.

eSignature help organizations of all sizes to streamline the collection of employee information and increase compliance by making it easy to sign crucial documents.

NDAs, insurance forms, performance reviews, tax documents, and other internal records required to protect users legally. 

Think about rolling out employee handbooks to more than 1000 employees who should confirm receipt with a signature. When that organization releases an update to the handbook, another round of tracking signature follows.

On the other hand, imagine acknowledgement of receipt through electronic signature, a much more efficient process than chasing down the employee for validation of delivery.

Employee records signed, 100 % legal and enforceable, and they are stored securely within the business and regulatory guidelines.

Here we present a few advantages of how electronic signature can be beneficial for the HR department. 

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1) Track the Status of Your Document in Real-Time

Waiting for a document to get signed by hand can become annoying, especially at the time when you need it urgently.

It is hard to trace whether the signers have received your files or not if they have signed in all the places indicated, and which agreements have been missed out and lay buried on the desk. 

An electronic signature solution helps you to track the status of your documents in real-time. This will send you notifications on any changes made to the contract and provide you information on the status.

Such as when the document is being sent, waiting for a signature, or completed. No more follow-ups required and you can spend less time tracking down signatures.

2) Work from Anywhere 

HR managers need to go for frequent business trips and attend several professional conferences. Here lies another significant benefit of adopting electronic signature as absence from their workplace will no longer affect the workflow of your organization.

HR professionals will be able to contact workers from any part of the world and sign crucial agreements on the move, without the need for scanners or printers.

Moreover, most electronic signature services work in an offline mode. This means that your HR manager will be able to continue working smoothly with irregular or no internet connection. 

3) Cut Down Unnecessary Costs 

The other benefit of leveraging an eSignature solution in the HR department is the cost reduction in the recruitment process. It is not only the reduction of time but also on the number of steps that HR team has to take to complete the recruiting process. 

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Traditional HR processes include sending the contract to the candidate, getting their signature, scanning and archiving the document.

But with electronic signature software, all these steps are minimized to one and that is sending an email to the candidate.

To sign all documents, the candidate needs to open the email, click on the link to open the document, and sign it. 

4) Ensure Compliance and Accuracy

At the time of creating new employee recruitment forms, potential errors are likely to crop up. These mistakes affect the overall productivity of an organization as well as employees.

Also, the solution offers you pre-defined templates that are authorized by legal experts so as to ensure data accuracy

On the other hand, the HR department can stay compliant with laws, processes, and audits.

Electronic signatures ensure that these discrepancies are minimized, especially when working on employee tax forms. 

5) Speed Up Hiring and Onboarding Process

Do not let the right candidate slip away due to delays in sending out the offer and getting it signed.

Electronic signatures can speed up your workflow by helping you receive offer letter signed by the manager and potential employee quickly.

With the eSignature solution, employees now can fill and sign forms easily and in their first few days can spend more time on getting to know about their team and work instead of signing papers. 

6) Easy to Attach Documents

Once the candidate gets selected, there might be multiple documents like personal documents, photocopy of the Identity Card, and Voter ID card that can be attached to the request and sent out for signatures.

Electronic signatures have an advanced authentication system, where organizations can ask for every detail of the document at the same time along with signatures.

This will improve the process of gathering all the documents. 

7) Improves Visibility

HR processes are very hard to conduct, especially when dealing with several documents.

For example, checking whether every employee has signed all the new hire forms and which stage they are in the hard copy signing process.

With the help of electronic signature software, you can identify every stage of the contract or form. In case, if an employee misses out anything, auto-reminders are sent making them informed.

The Bottom Line

An eSignature software solution like SutiSign offers a higher level of authentication, keeping all signatures safe from getting tampered.

The signatures are encrypted which means that nobody can view your signature without the encryption key. This protects the documents from getting hacked or other similar threats.

The electronic signature solution can help your company to streamline document signing process, gather and organize employee information. 

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