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What does IYKYK Mean? Where to use IYKYK?

If you are active on social media, you must know the term “IYKYK”. Be it Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter or Snapchat, this acronym is all over social media.

While some of you already know what it means others wonder what exactly is IYKYK mean? Well, you will get all your answers here so keep reading to get the full knowledge about IYKYK.

What does “IYKYK” mean?

The real meaning of the term “IYKYK” is “If you know you know”. Now, among all the terms that we see on social media, this is a unique term. Yes, it is a recent invention.

The acronym first appeared on Urban Dictionary in December 2016. After that, it was all over social media and was widely used by people all over the world and became very popular.

Another incident that made it very famous among the youngsters is a song by American rapper Pusha T named “If you know you know” in 2018. By 2021, It has gained enormous popularity that every other individual uses this term to describe any event to the known and unknown person.

IYKYK simply means that “if you were here, you would understand, if not you wouldn’t”. Suppose there was a college party or meet up with your friends and some of your friends didn’t attend it and some did.

Hence, you post an Instagram story or post with reference to some incident or joke that happened at the party with #IYKYK then only your friends who attended the party will understand the post and those who did not attend will keep guessing.

IYKYK is an insider secret or an experience that only a few people know or understand if they have some idea about it or have personally experienced it. It is very casual to use IYKYK and can be used anywhere without any hesitation.

It is not inappropriate to use it even in a professional or unprofessional way. You can even use it in your business meetings or emails, letters etc without a second thought.

Where to use IYKYK?

Most people use IYKYK specifically to tease their friends who did not attend a party, meeting, calls etc or to make someone guess who doesn’t have any knowledge about it.

It can be sometimes used to amuse the people who know the facts behind the incident or to glorify the amazing experience you must have had with your friends or family.

To use the “IYKYK” term depends on what kind of picture or phrase you wish to post on your social media feed. Below are some examples which you can refer to post something with the hashtag “IYKYK”.

  • Yesterday’s trip was no less than a roller coaster ride #IYKYK
  • The Zoom call was memorable #IYKYK
  • I am never going to eat that breakfast again #IYKYK
  • Life is miserable without a pet dog #IYKYK 

There are millions of ways you can use such captions with the above-mentioned popular term on the picture that you post or just a caption on Twitter or any social media app that you use.

The close ones who know about the experience or those who can relate to your post with the hashtag “IYKYK” will surely understand it and those who cannot must have never experienced it.


There are multiple terms apart from IYKYK which you can use for your social media posts. IYKYK is a popular term used by many people to describe their experience which can be a serious or even funny one.

We hope that you have understood the clear meaning of IYKYK (If you know you know) and when, where and why to use it in detail from this article. Now, you can use this term with confidence on social media.

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