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Best E-Commerce Data Migration Tools for Better Migration

Best E-Commerce Data Migration Tools

If you’re an e-commerce store owner, switching e-commerce platforms is a procedure you will encounter at some point or other.

Migrating an e-commerce website is different from that of a regular website, a lot is at stake. Products data, customer data, UI, UX, Traffic, etc everything! You start all over again with a new platform.

The most crucial part of re-platforming or switching eCommerce platforms is data migration. Migrating huge volumes of data accurately and efficiently is not only challenging but a time-consuming process.

Using Data migration tools the process can be bit easier, quicker and more accurate. These tools ensure that data is seamlessly transferred between platforms accurately without loss.

Mentioned below are some of the data migration tools widely used by e-commerce businesses.

1. Migration Pro

Migration Pro

If you are looking to migrate from Prestashop to Prestashop (version upgrade), Migration Pro could be your best option. Migrate all your data and keep your shop up to date.

Migration Pro allows you to migrate Products & Categories, Customer orders, Customers and employees, Discounts and Vouchers, Shipping & Carriage, SEO data, etc.

2. Lit Extension

Lit Extension

One of the most popular choice in e-store migration, Lit Extension currently supports migration to 60+ platforms online namely WooCommerce, Magento, Open Cart, PrestaShop, Big Commerce, Wix amongst others.

It offers complete migration services from customers, orders, product data, SEO URLs, passwords and all corresponding data to your target platform. Prices vary depending on platforms, number of orders, products, etc.

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3. Cart2Cart App

Cart2Cart App

It is an automated data migration tool which provides the possibility to perform full-scale data migration automatically.

Supporting around 80 platforms, Cart2Cart allows you to move products, customer data, orders, and other related data within a few hours.

Cart2Cart completely takes the data migration burden off you. Price estimates depend on the platform you migration to and from, no products, etc.

4. Uber Theme

Uber Theme

UB Data Migration Lite from Uber Theme is a migration tool for users looking to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

This data migration tool helps you port all of your key data settings including website, store, attributes, categories, products, etc to Magento 2. The biggest drawback, however, is that it allows migration within Magento only.

5. Prof Projects

Prof Projects

Profprojects provide professional CMS, Shop, and Forum migration services. They offer complete CMS migration services like content, extension, plugins, e-commerce/shopping cart migration, migration of discussion forums and live chats, design and layout migration, etc. ProfProjects supports over 160 CMS including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, etc.

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6. Transporter App

Transporter App 

If you are looking to migrate from some other platform to Shopify, the Transporter app could be the option for you. It offers a fast and seamless way to migrate to Shopify Plus. What’s more, you get to retain complete control of your migration process from migration to launch.

Final Thoughts:

Having said that, data migration is a complex process as it involves a lot of time, effort, and due diligence to ensure that the process goes on smoothly. It is imperative to choose the correct tools and applications so that production level difficulties can be avoided.

It is also recommended to go through your data manually and modify it accordingly so as to avoid duplicity and redundancy. This will ensure the transfer from one platform to another is a seamless one without any loss of data whatsoever.

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