Best Sports Streaming Services for Smartphones

Sports Streaming

When it comes to movies and TV shows, the number of services offering them seems to grow every day. Some of them are free and supported by ads, others require a subscription, and there are some that work both ways – they show ads unless you subscribe.

But when it comes to sports, the offer is far less varied. The licensing and distribution system for movies and TV shows is complicated enough but things get even more complicated when it comes to sporting events – broadcast rights represent a major share of the sports leagues’ revenues, and they can get picky at who to sell them to.

Sports streaming services are rare but they do exist – sometimes, though, they are only available in certain regions. But there’s a workaround that can bring sporting events right to the screen of your smartphone.

Sports Betting Apps

One of the easiest ways to follow sporting events on your phone is through sports betting services like the Betway app. Betway and other bookmakers routinely stream sporting events that their users can bet on – it’s a bit like watching the event on a big-screen TV right inside the betting shop, only this time the betting shop fits into your pocket.

Not all major sporting events are available for streaming through sports betting app – and streaming can be restricted in certain territories and jurisdictions, so make sure to check before diving in.

Sports Channels And Sports Apps

Sports TV channels often have their own apps that allow their users to watch some events live or after the event, on-demand. One of the best-known sports TV channels, Disney’s ESPN, for example, has a live sports streaming service called ESPN+ currently only available in the US.

In other countries, you can follow sporting events live and on-demand through the local sports channels’ apps or internationally available services like LaLiga Sports TV or UEFA/FIFA apps.

Dedicated Sports Streaming

Sports content is very popular – so a dedicated sports streaming service was bound to happen. There is currently one streaming service called DAZN that offers such a service for a small monthly fee (around $3 a month) but it’s available worldwide.

The complicated licensing system in sports makes it even more complicated for a sports streaming service to cover everything. But DAZN has found the perfect middle ground – perhaps not for football fans but for lovers of other sports.

The service routinely adds new boxing events to its lineup, along with women’s football (it broadcasts the matches of the UEFA Women’s Champions League – which, believe me, can be every bit as exciting, maybe more so, than men’s football), and motorsports like Extreme E, the FIA-sanctioned offroad race for electric SUVs, along with a series of sports-related shows and documentaries.

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