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No business can perform well without offering high-quality products or services. Unquestionably, they are the primary ingredients of success regardless of the scale of a company. However, subscribing to the best business practices is equally important. 

With little to no research, you can learn about the entrepreneurs that never compromised on the standard of their products, yet their business-empire collapsed. This speaks volumes about the importance of other factors that typically go down unnoticed in an organization.

If your business is failing to make the mark despite the best of your efforts, you need to embrace the following tried and trusted practices:   

1) Be smart about Record Keeping 

There are vast and varied advantages of efficient bookkeeping. For example, it ensures transparency, helps to make informed decisions, keeps progress in check, eases the process of taxation, and so on. 

Unlike the past, developing a robust bookkeeping system is not a tough nut to crack. All you have to do is to install a bookkeeping software, and that’s about it. Although it might not be possible to get rid of papers entirely, you can still digitize a massive proportion of day-to-day business transactions.

But before you execute this strategy, make sure to draw a clear boundary between personal and business expenses.

2) Know your Competitors 

It is the hallmark of a smart businessman to learn from his rivals, especially if he has just stepped into the respective industry. No matter how much a company boasts about its performance, it can never be perfect. Once discovered, you can quickly capitalize on your competitors’ lapses and create a profitable market out of it. 

At the same time, you should also not stay indifferent to your competitors’ strong points, as suggested by OMG, USA. Because, in the bigger scheme of things, your aim is not beating rivals but serving customers in the best possible way. If the latter objective is achieved, the former will follow on its own accord.   

3) Appreciate good work

Neither expensive equipment nor financial reserves, but employees are the biggest asset of an organization. Frequently, business people don’t realize this until a seasoned worker resigns, leaving the company in tatters. Statistically speaking, a whopping 79 per cent of the employees bid farewell to their former bosses due to the “lack of appreciation.” 

As a higher employee turnover rate can potentially bring your company at a standstill, always make it a point to acknowledge the sincere efforts of the staff. Don’t assume that appreciation has to be in a materialistic form.

It could be something as simple as a genuine compliment. As time goes by, you will notice that this formula does not only keep the turnover rate under check but also extracts maximum productivity from the team members. 

4) Hold meetings

Technology has bridged the gap of communication to a great extent. Yet, meetings remain a crucial component of office set up for a variety of reasons.

Of late, we have been witnessing great hue and cry against business meetings. Many employees believe that meetings are a total waste of time, and they would do their best to avoid sitting in a meeting by fair or foul means. Worse still, attendants sometimes doze off in the meeting room.  

It is quite evident that the trend has sharply declined. But are meetings an exercise in futility? Not at all, provided you conduct them in a tasteful way. If you stick to the following guidelines, employees will not create a distaste for meetings:

  • Come up with an agenda. However obvious it may seem, a vast majority of bosses still turn a blind eye to this. Being the person in charge, it is your primary job to convey the purpose of the gathering. Type a handout with all the necessary information about what you want to discuss and distribute it among the staff before the meeting. That way, everyone will have a clear idea before sharing space with colleagues and can chip in with handy input. 
  • Stick to the relevant employees. When you invite people who have nothing to do with the agenda, they mess up the whole meeting by their lack of interest. So next time, send an invitation to the concerned individuals. 
  • Be punctual. Don’t take liability with employees by not ending the meeting on time. Once the clock ticks at the scheduled time, end the meeting there and then because workers won’t be on top of their vigilance anymore.  

5) Stay on top of the latest technology 

There is no consensus over whether machines will completely replace humans. But one thing is sure, technology is going to play a massive role in the not-so-distant future. Where things stand now, we can see this happening. 

As the demands of customers continue to grow, new software and devices are being invented to meet their skyrocketing expectations. If you fail to embrace modern technology, in all likelihood, your brand will not thrive in the future. 

With time, sophisticated technology is becoming more and more common, which has contributed to the decline of its price. Thus, even if you run a low-budget small start-up, finances won’t be a major hurdle.  

6) Map out a solid recruitment program 

As an owner, it is natural to expect the best performance from your employees. However, there are always bad apples who barely justify their salary or resources you put on their training. As a result, the overall productivity of the workplace decreases. Many a time, you are legally bound by contract and can’t terminate such workers before a certain duration. 

This problem takes its snarling head due to poor recruitment setup. Owing to the loopholes of the system, less-efficient people manage to get the job. Hiring is a complicated and time-consuming process.

Therefore, you must invest in an HR department. If your budget does not allow this, get in touch with a recruitment agency. They are by far the best bet than conducting interviews on your own. 

The final verdict

Running a business is hands down one of the most difficult things. In addition to managing customers and dealing with competitors, you have to cater to the employees as well. The above-mentioned business practices will aid you a great deal and, the odds are, being a successful entrepreneur will be a matter of time.  

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