Caviar will sell Custom Made Nokia 6500 for $2600


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Nokia is often called ‘budget-friendly’ phones. And, of course, it is not possible to forget the keys and solid phones that they put on sale years ago. Today, the mobile market is not very ‘bright’ for Nokia, but the company continues to call the way out of a phone that has a very important feature that separates it from other devices: the price to ignite the pockets! Here is the Nokia 6500.

With its high price, the Nokia 6500 has become one of the most promising products of the early days. Nokia 6500 , which is sold under the partnership of Caviar, which is well known to the world with its luxury iPhone designs, draws attention with its square structure resembling Viking swords.

The Titanium T9 keyboard comes with a leather trim and is able to stand out from other phones with its carbon body. The Nokia 6500 features a small 2.2-inch screen and offers 320×240 pixel resolution. With the 830 mAh battery and the 2 MP camera on the back, the most interesting point of the device is its price.

The price of the Nokia 6500 is set at $ 2600.

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