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How to Choose Best car GPS tracker without Monthly Fee

Do you share your car with someone? Most of us do that with our family members and our friends. However, it can often get frustrating if someone is out on your car and you can’t contact them.

But worry no more, because the best car GPS without monthly fee has been introduced for this purpose so that you can easily track your car’s movement from home and thus ensure the driver’s safety

Is it a Necessary?

A car GPS tracker, for sure, is a necessity for everyone sharing a car. You can finally let others drive your car as you track their route as well as their speed. In case the car takes an unusual route, you will know your car is under the wrong driver’s control!

Be the thief yourself! Not literally, but in a way that you regain what you lost. In an unfortunate case of your car getting hijacked, you can steal the route that it takes (by tracking it with the help of a GPS tracker) and after narrating it to the police, be able to see your car in your parking again!


A car GPS tracker has two types which have a very minor, yet an important difference.


An active GPS tracker has the function of real-time tracking. As suggested by the name, it can track the car’s movement at the exact moment without any delay so that you can know where your car is right now, what route has it taken, is it over-speeding or under any danger!


This type, on the other hand, does not show data for the exact moment but stores it in the form of a file. So, after every journey, you have to physically remove the GPS device, connect it with your PC and get a record of its movement.

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Features your GPS Tracker should have:

It’s important to consider the following features to make sure that your GPS is giving you the service that you deserve!


Your GPS must be a real-time tracker because the purpose of a GPS tracker is to give the data of the exact moment. It’s almost useless to go through the history of a car’s movement as it is not safe and reliable (since you still won’t know if your car is under danger at the right time). Plus, such a tracker cannot recover stolen cars.


The size of a battery is according to the size of your GPS device. Bigger devices can last for a month easily whereas smaller batteries will need you to change them every week. The safest is to buy such a device which can be plugged inside the car for a constant supply of power (no batteries needed at all!).

Generally, smaller sized devices are recommendable since that way you can have a small soldier of your own in your car and no one would ever know!

Being less popular, it is possible that you get talked into the seller’s sweet talks and end up buying an unreliable GPS tracker. To save you from such a situation, we have chosen for you the best car GPS tracker without any monthly fee i.e. Optimus tracker.

Why Choose Optimus Tracker?

This Optimus tracker performs real-time tracking, so you can make sure that your employees deliver your products on time or trust your teens with your cars! Moreover, it comes with two magnets so that it is easy to attach it with your car. Unlike many other GPS trackers, this tracker has NO monthly fee. Since it is small in size and light in weight, it will be only you who knows about its existence while you secretly monitor the drivers!


  • APP:

The manufacturers of this GPS tracker have an app of their own through which you can track the route and all other data. It is super easy to use and with a single touch, you can drive with your car!


Another big advantage of this GPS tracker is it that notifies you regarding the car’s movement, entering or leaving areas, its speed, low battery alert and gives complete driving reports (great to keep an eye on your teenagers!). Plus, it is upgraded every 10 seconds to keep you updated so that you do not fall behind.


It has a long battery life i.e. it can survive up to 1-2 weeks without needing to be recharged again. So charge it once and monitor the next two weeks’ drive on your Optimus app.


Its compact size makes it portable and easy to install. Moreover, it is easier to hide a small-sized GPS tracker so that the thief’s eye does not meet it as you secretly record his route!


In order to ensure a safe drive and to keep a track of the journey by staying at home, buy this GPS tracker because not only it is affordable but also holds up to its claim by giving you the most accurate and reliable data!

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