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How is Technology Fueling the Remote Working Phenomenon

Technology Fueling the Remote Working Phenomenon

It wasn’t long ago when sci-fi movies showed workplaces of the future complete with employees conversing with each other through screens. Those movie creators must’ve had a peek at the future because that’s exactly how remote workers get in touch with each other from distant corners of the earth, to get work done. 

With technology making inroads into every aspect of our lives, how could the way we work be left behind? Now enterprises, large or small make use of technology to get the best minds on board, in order to achieve common organizational goals. 

Distributed teams working from remote locations are a common sight now. But how has technology helped shape this modern work culture? Let’s find out. 

1) Breaking Boundaries

Some ten years ago, managers had their hands tied in terms of the skilled workforce that they could make use of. Being limited to the geographical area, only local talent could be employed.

But thanks to technologies like the Huddle Board online collaborative whiteboard, getting the best minds to work on your projects is far easier than before. 

With features like audio-video conferencing, screen sharing and in-built chat, an online whiteboard is a god sent for all those remote workers who like to enjoy the freedom of working remotely without missing out on well-paying projects. 

2) Streamlining Work

While there’s a lot of talk around artificial intelligence and machine learning, there is still some time left before things are completely automated. Until then, remote workers can make use of their online collaborative tools to schedule work as per priority, manage tasks, set reminders, delegate jobs and provide feedback

Imagine using just one multifaceted tool that will give you the power to do more and get the best out of your time while working online. That’s the power of technology helping workers get together from all corners of the globe and getting their talent noticed.

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3) Better Project Management

Skeptics who condemned remote work as just another fad, have eaten humble pie, thanks to the way modern tech has helped remote team managers get a grip on things.

With dedicated applications and tools that aim at enhancing remote productivity and keeping projects on track, remote team members can transition seamlessly between projects and teams.

These project management solutions help remote teams achieve targets within deadlines and stay on course for achieving the bigger goals of the organization. 

4) Improved Employee Engagement  

Everyone agrees that employee engagement is an essential factor in controlling attrition. The importance of engagement becomes twice as important in the case of remote employees. Owing to the nature of work, remote employees might often find themselves veering off track or procrastinating.

With the help of an advanced online collaborative whiteboard, remote workers can easily stay in touch with their managers/mentors or teammates and never lose focus. 

Be it video conferencing or chat, while maintaining a steady line of communication, remote workers can keep themselves engaged and also gain knowledge from their other remote peers. 

In Conclusion

Technology is a big part of our lives now, and it will only get bigger from here on. While work cultures like remote working have their foundations based firmly on technology, the phenomenon is primed for the use of even better tech that will shorten distances and truly make this world a smaller place. 

The onus lies on the modern workers to make the best use of the latest technology and help give the innovators constant feedback on improvement. With technology on our side, no challenge will be big enough. 

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