Phone Features You Need to Conduct Business Securely

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Phones are a double-edged sword for business today. They’re a powerful palm-sized computer, but used without care, they can cause much disruption to a business. No piece of equipment is more useful when it comes to making deals, but they also open companies up to devastating data breaches.

Executives need to use their cellphones without the risk of being caught in a cyber-attack. With the right features, business leaders can use their phones without worrying about digital security. Here’s what the most secure phones have going for them.

Military-Grade Encryption

There’s a difference between “end-to-end encryption,” which is broad but not necessarily strong, and military-grade encryption. CEOs can’t trust second-rate encryption that’s common on free communication platforms, like WhatsApp or Signal.

Phones by industry leaders like Myntex are designed to be incompatible with third-party apps because such apps introduce new security risks. The encryption of these apps is not only inferior, but they also make deals with advertisers by selling user information in ways that most users don’t understand.

When the phone you use has the world’s leading encryption protocol without third-party apps, you’ll be confident in its reliability.

Secondary Security

Phones need to stop hackers dead in their tracks, but there are other risks. What if a thief or corporate saboteur steals your phone? What if you accidentally left your phone in a coffee shop and your sensitive information fell into the wrong hands?

Secure phones have a notebook lock screen with a custom pin for two-factor authentication. Even if an unauthorized person has the phone in their hands, they won’t be able to open it and access its contents.

The tamper proof feature lets you set up a duress password, so the phone will delete all sensitive information instantly if the wrong password is entered too many times. To enhance security further, users can wipe the phone’s data remotely. 

You can even control the shelf-life of particularly sensitive content you share by setting messages, pictures, or contact to self-destruct ahead of their expiration time.

Any such content marked to self-destruct can’t be saved, forwarded, or favorited and will be destroyed on both devices at the same time, even without a data connection.

Easy to Use 

Business leaders need secure phones and they want quality for their investment with ease of use. What’s the point of a secure phone that is so unfriendly to use that it slows the pace of business?

Today’s most secure phones have one-touch access to the features that keep you connected, such as notes, contacts, picture messages and voice. They’re also available in multiple languages. The world of business is international and leaders need technology that can keep everyone plugged in securely. 

You work hard to buildup your business and carve out a solid reputation. The last thing you want is a data breach that causes operational disruption and a financial disaster. Some businesses never recover. Stay connected securely and grow your business with a phone that has all the above features. 

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