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Professional OBD2 Scanners

Professional OBD2 Scanners

In the age of technology where we have robots serving as waiters in restaurants, it’s no surprise that scanners are now more advanced than ever. Instead of running here and there trying to get your chores done, having a scanner at home will give you some much-needed relief.

Not only will these scanners help you save time and energy, but they will also cost less in the long run. It’s important to know what you intend to do with these scanners, hence, we’ve narrowed down 5 of the best ones and what makes them stand out.

1.   Bluedriver Professional Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool

As compared to its rivals, Bluedriver comes at a relatively lower price but contains all the features necessary. The features include an application which is compatible for both iOS and Android. Moreover, the OBD2 Scanner comes with built-in freeze frame technology that transfers information from the car to your phone within in seconds.

Not only this, the portable scanner can display the speed of data transfer as well as the engine’s RPM in real-time. the scanner gives out information such as car model, make and specifications. Its also helps you ensure that the car passes tests like O2 and smog.

2.   Innova 3160g OBD2 Bluetooth

This piece of technology is one of the best-advanced mechanics could get his hands on. It is easy to set up when it comes out of the box and has a very friendly user interface. The OBD2 scanner can perform complex tasks including reading and clearing of ABS and SRS codes.

It provides you with live data and sends you a notification in case there’s a problem with the engine. It has the ability to automatically rest the battery maintenance light or even initialize a new battery. Innova 3160g is compatible with all kinds of vehicles from 1996 onwards. This means you don’t need to worry if you’re driving a ’98 Chevy.

3.   Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro All System

When it comes to reputation in the world of mechanical scanners, Autel stands out from the rest. The professional scanner is equipped with advanced features and the smart design keeps everything compact and within reach. MaxiDiag can notify the owner in case of oil and battery maintenance. The scanner records data in real-time which you can graph and print at a later time if needed.

The scanner constantly gets software updates and will go on for life. Although the scanning speed may be slower than its rivals, the scanner is compatible with all US, European and Asian vehicles from 1996 onwards. If you’re just an average mechanic, this tool might just be the best one for you.

4.   Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Automotive

It’s no surprise that another one of Autel’s professional OBD2 scanner has made it to the list. This is one of the lower-end models with both basic and advanced features. The screen is like that of an iPad, a seven-inch touchscreen. The processor used is quad-core that will definitely help you get results in less time.

This scanner helps with the anti-lock braking system and SRS codes as well. The information collected can either be saved on the SD card or can be sent to other devices such as mobile phones or laptops. If you’re afraid of the investment, the model comes with a one-year warranty; free replacements if you accidentally damage it. The device mostly works well with vehicles manufactured after the year 2000.

5.   Launch X431 PROS

This gadget is perfect for an average tech influenced mechanic. The wireless Bluetooth scanner comes with distinct features, making it worthy of every penny you spend. The scanner provides you with live data and actively runs tests on its own.

The OBD2 scanner comes has wireless communication and can be connected to the internet to share information live. The HD display and the touchscreen make it user-friendly as well. However, this scanner can only be used for a little more than 108 vehicle models found throughout Asia, EU, and the USA.

Every one of these is the best in its own way. All you need to do is narrow down the things you need and see which one of the above suits your requirements. Deciding a scanning tool can be a tiring task but once you make the decision and buy one, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

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