Spotify is merging with Tinder! The testing process has already begun

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Tinder, one of the popular friendship apps, started working with Spotify, the number one in digital music platform. With Spotify’s inclusion in the Tinder, users will be offered a new experience.

Tinder and Spotify work together intensively for a common feature these days. In other words, Tinder intends to integrate music sharing feature with Spotify via matching contacts. In this way, users will be able to share their desired music during conversations with the people they are paired with by associating their Spotify accounts with the application.

While the testing process continued on the one hand, the images of this process also appeared. When viewing images, users can share by touching the green music icon next to the text bar when messaging.

So now you can search for the song you want to send to the person you have conveniently matched in Tinder.

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