Trends To Promote Your Business

Top Trends To Promote Your Business in 2019

Ways to promote business has gone through evolution and innovations over the ages. Promoting business in the pre-internet era was a completely different ball game altogether. However, business promotion online has also gone through change and improvement over the years, depending on the latest innovations in the fields of IT and media.

Considering the current scenario, business promotion is significantly dependent on visual content. According to studies, an ad, text or visual, has less than a second to hook the visitor. Naturally, a graphic presentation of the message will have a stronger impact on the visitor than a text message. While text content is crucial for business promotion, recent business promotion trends place more importance on visual content.    

Let’s take a quick look at the top design trends to promote business in 2019, so that you can develop your own strategy to promote your business in the coming year.    

Company Logo – Conveying the Brand Message  

Your company logo; irrespective of any industry like cosmetics & beauty is the face of your business. It is the company logo that plays a vital role in setting the tone of branding for your business. Let’s give you some example. What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Nike’? Don’t you visualize that ‘tick’ along with the line ‘Just do it’? That’s branding. Think of the importance of the apple with a bite on it! The entire world knows it! That’s the kind of impact a business logo is supposed to have. So, design your logo keeping all points in mind..     

Business Card Design

A business card has its importance only when it looks significant. To be frank, what does a business card carry? Your name, your company name and logo, address and contact details. That’s it. May be, you add an interesting quotation on the back of it.

Think again. Is it enough for your business card to impress and influence someone? Will these details help your business card build a brand image? While these details are necessary, the business card has to look impressive and compelling. One look at your business car should make a person remember your business name.

He/she will remember your company when he/she requires a relevant service or will refer your company to others who need your service. The business you get in this way is not because of your reputation, but because of the impression that your business card design has created.              

Custom Design for Ads

If you are spending money on business ads on Facebook, Google or any other platforms, you must get the graphics designed perfectly for the purpose. The given space on these platforms are very specific and usually little. The image or graphics you develop for the ads must be designed commensurately with the provided space. Do keep in mind the visibility and readability factors. You have to try different fonts and styles for the personal logo or company name, so that they stand out even in the small space that is given on the page.

In case you do not have a graphic designer or a team of such professionals working for you, get it done on Designhill. You can choose from thousands of designers and get your images designed. Else, you can also create a contest, in which designers will participate and show you their design work for your requirement.                    

Image Quality on Social Media

When it comes to business promotion, nothing works like social media does. The campaigns that you run on social media platforms have a huge impact on your business, as there is a significant opportunity of conversion of visits into sale. So, the images, banners or other visuals that you share on social media are of immense importance.

You must keep in mind that the viewers will get to see your image post on social media when they are scrolling down the page. They do not have the intention to check out your post distinctively. They will just stumble upon your post. The image that you share has to be attractive enough to hook the attention of the visitor instantly, so that he/she does not scroll down further and ignore your post. Remember, when an user is scrolling down the page, your post will have less than a second to impress him so that he pays heed to what your post is about.          

Mobile Friendly Graphic Design

Have you given a thought to this? Most of the users will access your website or social media page through their mobiles. While developing the graphic design, keep in mind that it will be accessed on mobile phones that run mostly on Android and iOS. So, you have to make sure that the graphics you use for your website or for promotional purposes are mobile friendly. Whether it is your company logo or banner for the home page or landing page, they have to be tailored for mobiles.

It is due to such particularity of images to be used in the desktop version or mobile version of the website, you should go for expert graphic design services. The benefit of getting your images done by professional graphic designers is that they will put in not just effort but also experience in the work they do for you.

Landing Page Design

It’s awesome if the graphics for ads you are using are great! They will bring clicks to the landing page, which is good, as it serves the desired purpose. If the landing page is not impressive enough, or do not have the promised product/service or solution, the bounce rate is going to increase.

Sometimes, even if the landing page has what the visitor may be looking for, the look of the landing page may not impress the visitor. If the visitor finds a gap or difference between the ad and what the landing page furnishes, he may check out, which results in no conversion. So, the landing page has to be designed in a way that impresses the visitors and compels them to stay long.       

E-mail Design for E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote business. It will certainly be among the top trends in business promotion in 2019. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, acquiring data for prospective users has become more accurate. If you use the data that has been processed through big data analysis, the recipients will automatically find the e-mailers to be relevant to their interests. An attractive subject line will very easily make them open the mail.

The important factor, now, is the intent of the mail. It is the design the mail that will determine the conversion factor. Therefore, you need to get your e-mailers designed by professionals who have enough experience to determine what works and what doesn’t for your type of business. Even the placement of the call to action matters in this regard. A unique design and strategic placement of the CTA can add a lot to the conversion rate.           

Design According to Your Target Audience

The most important factor that you have to keep in mind while developing a strategy for promoting your business is your target audience. The design and the type/style of content should be appealing to the people you want to reach out to. You have to design the graphics and develop the content considering their age group, their cultural and financial backdrop.

Business-Wise Custom Design  

The design of your business logo or the banners of your website has to be in keeping with the type of your business. You have to understand that the design for a real estate business will be different from the design for a BnB or car rental business. Considering the way marketing and promotion is going to change in the recent future, business-wise custom design of logo or website or banners is going to be crucial, irrespective of the industry type like cosmetic & beauty brand logos, health or fashion industry logos.

So… What will you do?

You must have realized by now how important a role graphic design is going to play when it comes to the new trends in promotions of businesses. It will be beneficial for your business if you develop your design strategies right away, without waiting for 2019.

If you are happy with the logo of your business, design of your website or other graphics that you are using at the moment, give it a second thought. Can they be better? If so, how can you get the best graphic design services?

A platform like Designhill is perfect for you if you. You have multiple options on this platform for logo designing or website designing. You can do it yourself using the logo maker of Designhill. Otherwise, you can hire any of the top rate designers on this platform. Check out their work and ratings and hire them for your requirement.

You can also create a contest in which pro designers will participate and provide you will design samples. Choose the one you like most and get a few revisions done, if you feel it is necessary.   

Get Started, Then..

Now that you have known the top trends in the field of business promotion in 2019, get started now! Good Luck!        

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