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Types of smartphone cases: Which one is the most convenient?

Smartphone cases

There is a very true popular saying, which ensures that “about tastes, there is nothing written”, and in truth, in all areas of life, everyone has their own tastes and styles since we all have a different personality. And this is one of the keys for which the Android smartphone market has prospered so much in recent years because the truth is that today there is a phone model for every taste and need.

Something similar happens with the accessories, since as we well know every time a new Android device breaks into the market, shortly after or simultaneously the most diverse accessories are launched to accompany this equipment, and although there are many of these that lack a true functionality, without a doubt one really important one is the case.

Types of smartphone cases

Keep in mind that the case will be responsible for protecting our smartphone and avoid bumps and scratches, and at the same time offers us the possibility to style the equipment, even when it is turned off. The truth is that the current market of cases is so wide, that when choosing we face the difficult task of finding the best cover that best suits our needs and our Android device. And precisely in this article, we will review some of the most popular cases today, to give you some interesting facts to consider when choosing.

Although the “original” cases provide almost certainty of being the ideal line for a certain type of smartphone model, since they are supposed to have been manufactured according to the standards of a certain model, the truth is that they have a cost much higher than the “generic” covers, and in this alternative market we can really find very good options. However, we must always keep in mind that choosing a suitable case for our Android phone is vital for its longevity.

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Sock Format

The multiple designs and extravagant, and the endless range of colors offered by this type of covers are often the main reason why many young people tend to turn to this model, in addition to being one of the most economical of its kind in the market, since they can be obtained even for up to 3 dollars. But they have several disadvantages, in principle related precisely to the size of the equipment, since if the size of the sock cover is large for the device, we run the risk that it will leave the case.

Envelope type covers

These envelopes or bags are similar to the sock type covers and are usually made of materials such as neoprene, acrylic, suede or synthetic leather, and in general, they have padding inside to cushion the bumps, except in the case of those made in transparent acrylic.

Skins covers

This is a good option to give style to our Android device since any illustration can be the reason chosen for the design of this type of covers. The truth is that although it allows us to give the team personality, they offer minimal protection.

TPU cover

It is a plate that fits perfectly on the back of the device, and thus covers the external surface of the phone. They are usually made of resistant materials, such as rubber, silicone and plastic, and are usually marketed in various colours and styles, including in movie and comic character formats, which is why many consider it an excellent option to protect and decorate the equipment.

Today our Android smartphones have come to have a more than important purpose in our daily lives, so a good case ensures that our phone lasts in good condition for longer since it is not only about giving style to the team but fundamentally to protect it. Therefore, finding the perfect cell phone cases can become a real challenge, but at the same time it is also a priority, and ultimately when choosing a case we must evaluate our own needs, but also make sure that it will be of real protection.

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