Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Marijuana Industry

Thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana in most parts of the world, cannabis has quickly become a big business. 

Marijuana industry entrepreneurs and business owners can take advantage of this rising tide by investing in technology that can make their businesses more efficient and profitable. 

Here are four ways technology is revolutionizing the marijuana industry.

1. Technology Helps Weed Dispensaries Sell More Products

If there’s one thing any cannabis dispensary owner will tell you, it’s that technology can make or break their business. 

They need to maintain accurate inventory records, track employee hours and workflows, and ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience that results in them returning time and time again. The problem? There are hundreds of CRMs, ERPs, payroll platforms, and point-of-sale systems out there. 

And not all are right for your specific business needs – and by extension, your customers. Investing in the right technology will boost your business efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. 

2. Technology is Helping Customers Find the Right Strain for Their Needs

Patients who live in rural areas or states where marijuana dispensaries are sparse can now purchase medical marijuana online through companies that ship directly to customers. 

For example, a mobile app called Leafly provides strain reviews and local dispensary information based on your location, making it easy for patients to find their medicine of choice, no matter where they live. 

Other sites such as the leading Canadian dispensary, Naked Cannabis, provide a wide range of strains and products that you can buy online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. 

3. Technology Can Revolutionize Pot Potency Testing

Every fall, Colorado marijuana dispensaries face a daunting task: testing each of their products for potency. 

It’s a meticulous and time-consuming process that involves multiple labs, vast amounts of paperwork, and unending visits from regulators. That’s why companies like Colorado-based startup CannLabs have developed a computerized system to test pot samples.

The technology allows dispensary owners to input all sorts of information, such as product label details and production data, and get an instant read on potency levels. 

It’s essentially a high-tech version of what lab workers have been doing manually for years, but it dramatically improves efficiency and accuracy while saving business owners hundreds or thousands in testing costs every month.

4. Technology Will Make Cannabis Deliveries Safer and Faster

Now that more and more states are legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, cannabis dispensaries must stay on top of regulations. 

At a minimum, they must comply with all federal regulations that prohibit them from shipping cannabis across state lines or selling to minors, but each state also has its own regulations. 

The good news for weed dispensaries is that technology can help keep them compliant and grow their businesses at scale. 


In summary, technology is revolutionizing every industry today. 

Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, companies that can harness innovation and implement new technologies into their work will come out on top. 

If your company needs help implementing some of these cutting-edge techniques, consider hiring a development agency to assist in redesigning your website or creating an innovative mobile app. 

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