What short courses are good for your career?

With globalisation, our workload has increased and responsibilities have become more complex. Career roles now require you to be a jack-of-all-trades at your work. For instance, a manager today is not only responsible for managing his employees. But also has to act as a mentor, a friend and sometimes even a counsellor.

You could argue that compiling such a long list of skills and qualifications can be time-consuming and costly. Pursuing multiple professional degrees can’t be everyone’s cup of tea unless they are millionaires with a lot of time to spare. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem.

Short courses can help you gain knowledge in a specific subject in a short amount of time and at a fraction of the cost of a professional degree. They can also act as a shallow pool for you to test the waters of a particular domain before you take a dive.

If you are excited to pursue a short course and want to know what your options are. This blog can be of great help. It has listed the best options of short courses that can become pathways to a successful career. Let’s begin!

What is a short course?

Short courses usually last for 2- 12 months depending on the number of credits they carry or the number of subjects. Most short courses adopt a more practical approach to the subject and favour hands-on experience more than theoretical knowledge.

There are a wide variety of short courses for you to choose from. University short courses, diploma courses, certificate courses, online courses and contact class courses. You can select one as per your budget and flexibility.

Best short courses to launch your career

Short courses are the best way to launch your careers if you do not want to take a lot of time after your high school completion. Here are a few interesting short courses that can interest you.

  • Secretarial courses: Secretarial courses are usually the most preferred by high school graduates. They require a relatively simple skillset and provide a foundation in office management skills such as filing and office correspondence. With this course, you can get a job as an assistant secretary, receptionist, front office manager or a typist.
  • Supply chain and logistics management: With the logistics industry on the boom. There are plenty of exciting jobs in the industry. Short courses in supply chain management and logistics can provide you with a solid foundation in the specifics of supply chain management that can get you jobs 
  • Computer courses: These days, knowledge of computers is an essential skill to enter any field or domain. Short courses on computer programming or basic computer skills will make you a desirable candidate in any field of your choice.
  • Business management courses: With the business world undergoing rapid transformations with expanding globalisation, short courses on business management have become very popular. These courses can give you a broad overview of the skills required to succeed in the business domain.
  • Creative writing courses: The popular adage of “content is king” is being adopted by an increasing number of companies who are always on the lookout for talented content writers. Creative writing courses can help you polish your writing skills and become a successful content creator.


Short courses not only add to your skillset in a short amount of time. But also shows prospective employers that you are proactive and value continuous learning. They also help you from getting stagnant during a break or a gap year. Join an appropriate short course today to reap its long-term benefits in the future.

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