Who are Latin America Recruiters?

Latin America Recruiters are a growing presence in the world of international business. They are usually the first point of contact foreign companies have, when they start looking to expand their business in Latin American region.

Most of these latin america recruiters work on behalf of countries or governments, and sometimes work directly for multinational companies. Their job is to find skilled workers for specialized positions, and then make them available for those positions.

They also assist with setting up visa applications and the required employment information forms (such as the DS-160) to ensure convenient entry into their country or region.

This is basically the beginning of a long and arduous process of recruiting foreign workers, so latin america recruiters have to be very familiar with their country’s immigration and work laws, as well as how to manipulate them for their clients.

What is a Latin America Recruiter?

A Latin America Recruiter is a corporation, individual or family (usually of British/European/American descent) with connections to governments, international agencies and business people in one or more countries of the Latin American region.

They help companies to staff their operations abroad. There are many different levels of recruitment by Latin America recruiting firms: 

  • Client-purchasing from regional offices 
  • Client-purchasing from central offices 
  • Direct sourcing from regional offices 
  • Direct sourcing from central offices 

What do latin america recruiters do?

The latin america recruiters’ most important role is to help people obtain jobs. They can assist with: 

  • Finding jobs in the host country 
  • Arranging work permits and visas 
  • Obtaining references and letters of recommendation 

What are the qualifications of a Latin America Recruiter?

The qualifications are similar to those of any other recruiter. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree, but most have master’s or even doctorate degrees. Some have years of experience in helping people find jobs abroad, while others might have just graduated from university.

Many also have experience working in one or more countries abroad. The real qualifications come from an understanding of the culture, laws and customs that exist within each region, and how to manipulate them for your client’s benefit.

How do latin america recruiters get paid?

There are many ways to obtain payment from clients. Most latin america recruiters charge a flat rate for each position they help you find.

They can also negotiate a percentage of the fee that comes out of the first contract that is signed and settled on by both parties (the client and the recruiter).

They may also charge an initial fee before they begin working on a client’s behalf, but not charge any sort of fee after the position is secured. Some freelancers and smaller agencies need to be paid in full before they will work for a client.

What are the challenges of recruiting in Latin America?

The challenges of recruiting in Latin America are similar to those faced by recruiters who recruit abroad. Because some countries have not accepted their citizens going abroad for employment, latin america recruiters can face difficulties getting work permits.

Even though other countries are more open to helping out workers from their country find jobs abroad, the idea of having to train people from another country still does not sit well with many people.

What are the best latin america recruiting companies?

There are many different factors to consider when asking, “What are the best latin america recruiting companies?”. The biggest and most well known may be the most popular among students, but they might not be the most experienced.

If you want to find out which ones are doing the best job in a specific area, use a search engine to look for reviews or ask someone who has used their services. 

  • Adecco 
  • Kelly Services 
  • Michael Page International 
  • Search Staffing International
  • E-Staff
  • MATCH 


The latin america recruiters are important and useful to both people looking for jobs abroad and those who are helping them find those jobs.

Foreign students who need help finding a position abroad can offer you their experience of their own country’s life as an example of how they can adapt to the culture in your country.

While on the other hand, an employer should make sure they understand the worker’s goals in life, so they can work together to achieve success within your company.

The growing presence of latin america recruiters in developing countries makes it easier for multinational employers to staff their operations around the world.

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