Wireless charging bags for Mobile Charging


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Technology is developing, what we need most is the battery life as long as possible. However, although the technology has been renewed, this problem has not yet been overcome. But there are no developments that make our lives easier; like wireless charging technology! Even though it is not yet widespread, it is possible to find this technology in a backpack.

One of the surprise products of CES 2019 was a backpack that did not attract much attention. Although it has an ordinary bag look, this bag actually serves as a power bank and allows users to charge their phones wirelessly.

The ‘smart bag’ with the name of Targus Mobile ViP + is powered by a 5000 mAh battery. In line with the Qi wireless charger standard, there is a wallet pocket equipped with RFID on the edge of the working bag. When you are off, you can protect the user against the smart mobile burglary that gives warning by the hand of the people you do not want.
The price of the bag is $ 200.

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